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Investor Enquiries

We'd love to the chance to introduce you to our fund and our competencies

Ask Us Anything

We are happy to spend time getting to know you confidentially, and without the expectation or obligation to engage. Please get in touch.

Want To Join Resco?

Resco is growing organically and seeks passionate people to help

We're Always Looking

As our operation grows, so too will the opportunities. Early hires will focus on quantitative system development.

Is There a Gap We Can Fill?

One of Resco's first clients is an asset manager seeking our fixed income expertise

Let's Work Together

Let us see if there’s a way you can partner with Resco to benefit from our PMs long and successful fixed income track records

We’d be very happy to hear from you or meet with you, please drop us a note or visit our office in London

Every time we meet someone we learn something and our community value drives us to be a connected part to our physical and non-physical communities. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we welcome the interaction.

Office: 25 Wilton Road , SW1V 1LW
Phone: +44 (0)203 923 2229
Email: info@rescoam.com

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