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Resco will only focus on a spectrum of strategies that is as broad as the resources it can commit. To that extent, 100% of our focus is presently on the Resco Macro Credit Fund, which brings together the track records in global macro and credit fixed income management that have been achieved over the last decade by David Ric and Alex Eventon. Not constrained by benchmarks or tied to either long or short views on risk or instruments, the Fund does not rely upon the carry characteristics of the fixed income asset class in order to create performance for investors.

The combination of macro and credit gives us access to two diverse alpha engines: on the one hand, global liquid interest rate and FX derivatives used in our macro strategy allow us to express global thematic views, irrespective of economic and market cycles; on the other hand, credit allows us to combine both top-down and bottom-up analysis to decide whether there is value present at a market or single-name level, while also tactically taking advantage of short-term trading opportunities due to events that create temporary widening or tightening of spreads, through the use of cash bonds as well as index and single name CDS and structured products that help us achieve greater market neutrality.

The resulting investment solution, expressed as the Resco Macro Credit Fund, is a confluence of short, medium and long-term thematic trades and opportunistic investments that by circumstance of the asset class tend to exhibit positive carry, assisting the fund in its goal of achieving consistently positive total returns.

The Fund is available to investors seeking high liquidity and moderate volatility within a lean structure that caps expenses and focuses on net returns. For more information about the Fund, please email info@rescoam.com.

A multi-strategy fixed income solution for investors.

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